The 300 window wall system considers the exterior appearance close to the curtain wall and installs quickly. A variety of functional formats are capable of connecting operated windows and doors in a suitable design, as well as in a single-family residential unit.

Window Walls - Cross Section

Window Walls - Cross Section

Window Walls - DYG Projects

Modular Window Walls

  • Available in both double and triple glazed sealed units.
  • The irregular frame opens options on universal angles for aesthetic looks.
  • A luxurious impression when using the lever-operated locker.

Window Walls - Technicals

  • The deflection channel is installed on the head and jambs to prevent the seismic effect.

Window Walls - Deflection Channel

  • The slop frame on the exterior helps with drainage and cleanliness.

Window Walls - Slop Frame

  • Male and female connections are available for fast, efficient installation and better seal durability.

Window Walls - Connections

  • The 28 mm thermal break provides the thermal insulation effect in good standing.

Window Walls - Thermal Break

Window Walls - Specifications

Window Walls - Specifications

Window Walls - Configurations

Custom Designed for any environment – Please contact us for more details.

DYG Windows - Aluminum Colors

Aluminum Colors

We are able to provide 100’s of aluminum colors for our windows and doors. These are all environmentally friendly, water based paints using the latest German technology.

*Please note: The colors shown on screens may differ slightly depending upon your monitor. It is advisable to contact us to arrange a visit to see and choose these colors in person.