Combines modern design, i.e. slim and linear frames with maximal thermal insulation – suitable for passive house use.

The modular construction of wood- and wood/aluminum systems and the optimized design of profiles guarantee very efficient production and processing on up-to-date production plants

ES91 Thermal Break Aluminum Passive House - Cross Section

Passive House S91 Cross Section

ES91 Thermal Break Aluminum Passive House - Additional Information

Several limits of passive building exterior windows:

In winter, the indoor air temperature of most heating buildings can reach 20 ℃, while the temperature of the glass inner surface of ordinary buildings is often 12 or 14 ℃. On the one hand, it is easy to form water mist on the glass surface and damage the components; on the other hand, it reduces the comfort and health. In order to meet the low energy consumption and high comfort of near-zero energy consumption buildings, the selection of passive windows is particularly important as the weak link of the outer envelope.

  • Window U value<0.8W/(m2K).
  • U-Value of window installation<0.85W/(m2K).
  • The glass g value (i.e. the sunlight transmittance) reaches about 0.5-0.6.
  • The indoor air temperature and the radiation temperature difference of the indoor glass surface are less than 4.2 degrees.
  • Test the air permeability according to the standard EN1026 and classify it according to the standard EN12207. The minimum requirement is 4, and the air volume Q100 ≤ 2.0m/hm.
  • The air permeability shall be tested according to the standard EN1027 and classified according to the standard EN12208. The minimum requirement is Grade 7A (300Pa).
  • The wind pressure resistance performance is tested according to the standard EN12210 and meets the requirements of the standard EN12210. According to the static requirements, the minimum grade is 2 and the maximum deflection grade is B (L200).

Passive House Doors - Cross Section

Passive House - Cross Section

Passive House Series - Structure Detail

  • Tested window system ClimaTrend Style.
  • Modern design / small frame width / linear profiles.
  • Modular design: Identical construction principle for wood/aluminum & wood windows.
  • High thermal insulation (passive house and low energy windows).
  • CE-certification: ClimaTrend Style is shown in CE-Fix platform and CE – 4ALL
  • Maximal stability of the sash frame by gluing the glass: the adhesive tape is applied on the lacquered sash.
  • Application of functional glasses up to a thickness of 70 mm (noise protection, safety /burglary protection, thermal insulation)
  • High set drainage / closed construction between window and wall.
  • Corner joint PlugTec as standard.
  • Optionally counter/dowel or slot/tenon.
  • Alu-fixing in the sash with tightly positioned holders. No horizontally cut Clips groove required
  • Two–tone design easily to realize.
  • Application of different materials is possible.
  • Weatherproof outside.
  • Comfortable haptic and high thermal insulation on the inside.

Safety, comfort, energy saving, in a better way.

Passive House Series Cross Section

  • Aluminum vinyl hybrid profile system with 7 chambers.
  • 15mm overlap which provides extraordinary thermal insulation.
  • Multi-locking point hardware.
  • Three panes Low-E insulating glass with super spacer filled with 95% argon.
  • Triple rubber sealing system.
  • Hidden hardware, safe and beautiful.
  • HFL – Holz Fenster Look welding technology.

Passive House Series

Available Designs

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Passive House Fixed

Passive House Fixed

Passive House Tilt and Turn

Passive House Tilt and Turn

Elegant Design

A lean look and further design possibilities

  • Minimized timber sections
  • Overall width less than 100 mm
  • Desirable glass to frame ratio
  • Various material and color options for interior and exterior profiles
Economical Production

Economical use of materials, tooling and manufacturing time

  • Modular design of different materials
  • Reduced cutting depths
  • Standardization of the production steps for wood and wood/aluminum systems
  • PlugTec corner joint (optional dowel construction or slot/tenon)
Maximum Performance

Future-proof, high quality and long lasting system

  • Glass thickness up to 70 mm
  • High thermal ratings for energy efficiency and suitable for passive house installations
  • Tested and certified to current regulations
Achieved passive house standard energy efficiency rating phA:
  • Uw = 0,80 W/(m²K)
  • Ug = 0,7 W/(m²K)
Achievable optimum value:
  • Uw = 0,67 W/(m²K)
  • Ug = 0,52 W/(m²K)

Our aluminum-clad wood windows are made of Canada hemlock laminated wood. All logs are dried in a drying kiln for one month, to achieve the moisture content of the wood 8% – 12%, and preventing the deformation of the wood to the maximum extent. We have hemlock laminated timber in stock all year round, which can guarantee the delivery time of our orders to the maximum extent. At the same time, we can also provide other wood species, such as pine, oak, teak, black walnut, etc.

DYG Windows - Aluminum Colors

Aluminum Colors

We are able to provide 100’s of aluminum colors for our windows and doors. These are all environmentally friendly, water based paints using the latest German technology.

*Please note: The colors shown on screens may differ slightly depending upon your monitor. It is advisable to contact us to arrange a visit to see and choose these colors in person.